Maximiliano Larrea, Argentine Mestizon Guitarist

Maximiliano Larrea, Argentine Mestizon Guitarist. Tucson, AZ  |  2023 Maximiliano Larrea is a master Argentine Mestizon guitarist. “This [term Metstizon] is significant,” Larrea says, “because Argentine tango has always been associated with European white immigrants, rendering invisible the many contributions of mestizo performers like myself. He has been playing, composing, and teaching tango and other styles … Read more

Kathleen Vance, Tohono O’odham Potter

Kathleen Vance, Tohono O’odham Potter.  Sells, AZ  | 2023 Kathleen Vance, of Tohono O’odham and San Carlos Apache descent, specializes in Tohono O’odham utilitarian pottery creating clay cooking vessels, water ollas, seed jars, effigy pots, and whistles. She first learned to gather and process clay twenty three years ago with her first mentor, Alicia Bustamonte, … Read more

J. Javier Enríquez, Mariachi Composer & Director

J. Javier Enríquez, Mariachi Composer & Director. Tucson, AZ  |  2023 J. Javier Enríquez is a mariachi composer and director of Mexican-American/Chicano and Tohono O’odham ancestry. He has played guitar since age four, and began learning mariachi music at Tucson High School and studied voice in the Tucson Arizona Boys Chorus. He now directs his … Read more

Porfirio “Pilo” Mora, Mata Ortiz Potter

Porfirio “Pilo” Mora, Mata Ortiz Potter. Tucson, AZ  |  2023 Porfirio “Pilo” Mora is a highly respected and influential artist in the world of Mata Ortiz Pottery, a renowned ceramic art that originated in the small village of Mata Ortiz in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. Pilo learned as a young boy from Emeterio Ortiz, … Read more

Jing Xia, Guzheng Player

Jing Xia, Guzheng Player. Tucson, AZ  |  2023 Jing Xia is a master of the guzheng (plucked 21-string Chinese zither), an instrument played as both court and folk music and traces its roots back to the sixth century. Jing started learning the zither at age four in China and was guided by various teachers in … Read more

Karen Begay, Navajo Hogan Builder

Karen Begay, Traditional Navajo Hogan Builder. Smoke Signal, AZ  |  2022 Karen Begay learned to build traditional Navajo hogans from her grandfather,Tsinijinnie Nez Begay, who also taught her songs, prayers, ceremonies, and how to live off the land. While she has been building for many years, during the pandemic, she started building hogans for unsheltered … Read more

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