Fitzgerald DeFreitas, Mas Costume Maker

Fitzgerald DeFreitas, Mas Costume Maker. El Mirage, AZ  |  2023

Fitzgerald DeFreitas creates carnival-type costumes called “mas” (from masquerade) in Caribbean carnival celebrations. Born in Trinidad and Tobago, DeFreitas grew up in Belmont, a suburb of Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. At age seven, DeFreitas’s mother, Beryl DeFreitas, taught him to sew and create paper mache helmets. By age eleven, he was heavily influenced by great historic Mas designers such as Jack Brathwaite, Rudolph Corby, Harry Bazado, and Albert Moore. He has created award winning costumes in Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, and the United States. He resides in El Mirage, AZ, and will pass his knowledge on to his apprentice, Asantewa Antobam.

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