Maria del Carmen Parra, Ancestral Foodways

Maria del Carmen Parra, Ancestral Foodways. Phoenix, AZ  |  2020

Maria del Carmen Parra is a Xicana Indigena with lineages in Texcoco, Mexico, Raramuri from Chihuahua and Izkalotekatl from the Calpoalli Nahuacalco. She “grew up” in the kitchen with her mother, a traditional womb worker and healer, and later attended culinary school looking for a way to help her family heal from diabetes. She soon realized that a plant-based ancestral food diet was the only way to support her community and her own health. She now works to educate her community in Phoenix how to decolonize their diet and use ancestral foods for healing. She will work with her husband, Brian Cano, to deepen his knowledge of ancestral foods and create a garden for education.

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