Maximiliano Larrea, Argentine Mestizon Guitarist

Maximiliano Larrea, Argentine Mestizon Guitarist. Tucson, AZ  |  2023

Maximiliano Larrea is a master Argentine Mestizon guitarist. “This [term Metstizon] is significant,” Larrea says, “because Argentine tango has always been associated with European white immigrants, rendering invisible the many contributions of mestizo performers like myself. He has been playing, composing, and teaching tango and other styles of Argentine popular music for more than 20 years, moving to Buenos Aires in his 20s where he could immerse himself fully in tango music.  He has collaborated with a wide range of musical groups in Argentina, and now in Tucson, where he now resides and directs the Tango Guitar Project. His apprentice is Facundo Martinez, an Argentine classical guitarist from Mendoza.

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