We build more equitable and vibrant communities by celebrating the everyday expressions of culture, heritage, and diversity rooted in the Greater Southwest and U.S. Mexico Border Corridor. Nationally, we amplify models and methods of meaningful cultural work that center traditional knowledge, social equity, and collaboration.

We do this by:

  • Producing festivals and public programs that increase understanding and respect for folklife practices.
  • Providing direct support to heritage-based artists in the region.
  • Documenting folklife and amplifying the voices of artists and cultural workers engaged in folklife practices.

Social Equity Statement

Social equity is an integral part of our work at the Southwest Folklife Alliance. We understand equity work as an ongoing responsibility where we orient—always—towards justice. We pay attention to power dynamics and look for ways to expand access to resources for those who need it. We make space at the table for those who have been left out. We work to redistribute wealth and eliminate barriers to opportunity. We recognize that systems of oppression impact folk and traditional communities and their ability to express themselves with dignity and respect. We “lead from behind” with the intention of building respect for multiple worldviews and a platform to amplify traditional knowledge and folklife practices. We actively make opportunities that encourage cooperation, collaboration, and inclusion. At the Southwest Folklife Alliance, we embrace a just society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

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