Our montly online journal, BorderLore, is a repository of hundreds of stories about the region’s culture & heritage.

Cultural Development
La Doce Barrio Foodways: A report on community knowledge and recommendations for sustainable change in Tucson, AZ (December 2016)
Tui’i Bwa’ame / Good Food:  Yoeme/Yaqui Foodways in the Tucson Basin by Felipe S. Molina (Spring 2018)
Jiak Yo’ora Tikom / Technical Report: Experimental Parcel for Cultivation of Organic White Sonoran Wheat (Spring 2018)

End of Life
Walking Each Other Home: Cultural Traditions at End of Life (2023) is a booklet of stories, photographs, and research based on the 2022-2023 exhibit at the Arizona State Museum. The exhibit featured stories and traditions documented as part of our End of Life: Continuum project, which was supported by the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership with funds from the David and Lura Lovell Foundation. Like the exhibit, the booklet celebrates both private and public practices and traditions of caregiving, grieving, memorializing, and preparing and planning for end of life. It invites viewers to contemplate their own relationship with and communal practices around death and dying. Download Walking Eath Other Home for online viewing here. Download Walking Each Other Home for print-out here.

Precarious Intimacies: The Stories of End-of-Life Home Caregivers (2022) shares the stories and life work of five Tucson-based end-of-life home caregivers: Nancy Giesen, Math Maoundonodji, Fernando Ochoa, Yaritza Vargas, and Deborah Young.  The book is the culmination of a two-year endeavor, in which five ethnographers documented the  caregivers through interviews and conversation. The publication aims to amplify stories and methods of end-of-life caregivers in order to demystify their work, share best cultural practices, reduce stigma, and connect audiences to end-of-life care planning options. Learn more about the caregivers here. Hard copies are also available for pick-up at our office.

Finding Refuge: The Comforts of Culture in Grief, Trauma, Death and end of life for Refugees resettled in Southern Arizona. (June 2018)
International Border: Ceremony & Healing (May 2018)
Cruzando Fronteras: Ceremonia y Duelo (May 2018)
Continuum: Muslim Communities (February 2018)
Folklife Well Seasoned: End of Life Approaches & Traditions of Elders Living Alone (Oct. 2017)
Continuum End of Life Booklets (4), May 2016
Continuum Journal, May 2015
Continuum Resources Listing and Workbook, May 2015

Food & Foodways
Taste Bud Memories (with Ishkasitaa Refugee Network), video on refugees’ experiences with food and food security (May 2018)

Occupational Folklife
Confianza en la Frontera: A Cultural Glimpse at the Nogales Produce Industry, Nicholas Hartmann (January 2019) The study looks at the produce industry in Nogales, Arizona, where generations of families have passed on knowledge and practices about transporting, storing, and marketing Mexican-grown vegetables in the United States. An occupational folklore, the study uses interviews with produce workers and family members to understand institutional knowledge about the industry. The study was researched and written by Nicholas Hartmann as part of his work as folklorist-in-residence with the SFA in 2015-16 and was supported by the Archie Green Fellowship of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

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