Quinton Antone, Silversmith

Quinton Antone, Silversmith. Tucson, AZ  |  2020

Quinton Antone (Tohono O’odham Nation/Kiowa) is a silversmith who grew up watching his uncle Duke Sine (Apache) create intricate paintings. He later learned techniques such as overlay, sawing, and polishing from Tohono O’odham silversmiths James Fedenheim and Rick Manuel. These teachers encouraged him to continue, giving him permission to use their signature cactus motifs and other O’odham designs. Quinton’s work incorporates desert landscapes and animals, including turtles, horned toads, and lizards and communicates the relationship between the O’odham and the land and everything that inhabits it. “In our cosmology, everything has a spirit–the natural features of our landscape and all the animals that inhabit it have a place in maintaining the balance of the universe,” he says. He worked with Bruce Donahue from the Chukut Kuk District of the Tohono O’odham Nation, to pass on the form.

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