Rod Ambrose, Storyteller

Rod Ambrose, Storyteller. Glendale, AZ | 2016

Rod Ambrose is originally from Chicago, Illinois and has had a lifelong fascination and passionate involvement with Story Telling. Ambrose pulls from the oral traditions of West Africa, where storytellers shared values, legends, and news through song and story. Over 47 years Ambrose has studied, learned, developed, composed, written, acted in and directed plays in addition to storytelling in hundreds of elementary, middle & high schools, Universities and Community colleges throughout Arizona. His work now investigates the role of the “Black Urban Griot” in contemporary African-American culture.


Rod Ambrose: Talking Drum Performance Studio Network. BorderLore, January 2017.

The Arizona African Diaspora: A Conversation with Rod Ambrose and Barbea Williams. BorderLore, February 2019.

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