Alicia Jewelryman-Billie, Navajo Leatherwork and Adornment

Alicia Jewelryman-Billie, Navajo Leatherwork and Adornment. Tucson, AZ  |  2022 Alicia Jewelryman-Billie makes Navajo leatherwork, in the form of cedar and tobacco bags and buckskin medicine and ceremonial pouches. Growing up, Alicia attended many different ceremonial gatherings with her grandmothers, observing how they used pouches in ceremony. She learned leatherwork from her maternal grandmother, a … Read more

Susana Arellano, Yoeme Craft and Curanderismo

Susana Arellano, Yoeme Craft and Curanderismo. Tucson, AZ  | 2021 Susana Arellano is a Tucson curandera who learned the practice of healing the heavy-hearted and the art of making ojos de venado (deer eyes), a protective amulet within Yaqui culture from Nana Mary Lue, a Yoeme medicine woman from Tucson’s Pascua Yaqui community. With over … Read more

Wanesia Spry Misquadaceis, Artist & Jeweler

Wanesia Spry Misquadaceis, Annishinaabe Artist and Jeweler | 2017 Wanesia Spry Misquadaceis will pass on the tradition of birchbark biting, a traditional art form of the Annishinaabe people and Canada. The bitings are used in storytelling, beadwork, quillwork to produce baskets, medallions, dresses, seed pot containers, canoes, and Annishinaabe sacred midi scrolls. Wanesia and mentee … Read more

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